The Attitude Makes All The Difference

September 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

The most simple conversations we have in life can tell so much about other people and the attitudes they have toward the world.  These conversations can have such an impact on other people and often times, we don’t even realize what we say makes such a difference.

While working in Counterpane Montessori school this past week, I had one such conversation.  A group of students set to work on the diligent task of completing a visual arts project that they would present to their peers in the afternoon.  I kneeled beside a young woman who was drawing a last minute piece and we began talking about the detail in her drawings.  (She is a fantastic artist and will benefit greatly from her time and effort spent creating such wonderful drawings.)

Being a product of public schools and new to the Montessori philosophy, I often compare the two.  The conversation then turned to my experience drawing.  I told the young lady that I never had the opportunity to learn how to do such artwork.  “I cannot draw nearly as well as you,” I told her.  Her response was short, sweet, yet powerful: “Not yet!”   — “That’s right, not yet!”

Such a simple conversation that shows so much about both the student and the school.  There is a passion and a strong motivation to learn that one does not see in the traditional setting.  Students involve themselves deeply in their work and master it!  The teachers allow the students the time and resources to do this.  While I felt that I would never become someone who can draw well, one young lady, with passion and a positive attitude, reminded me that all it takes is effort and persistence.

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