The Sounds of Counterpane

November 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

A beautiful piano striking chords of soothing tones that can melt walls.  Chickens and guineas clucking and squawking outside.  Five-year-old boys telling one another the stories that they are writing and drawing.  Recorders blowing through the silence with hushed music.  Doves speaking with one another in high-pitch voices. A fish tank bubbling.  A periodic thud as the wall-ball ball bounces off the brick behind the school.

The sounds of running water and dishes clanking as students clean after their snack.  Deep discussions that invigorate students to think on levels they never thought they could.  Songs that bring smiles to children’s faces.  Songs sung in Spanish.  The splash as students partake in an impromptu science experiment to discover what will and will not float.  Clicks of a keyboard as students type their reflections on a particular class.  The high hum of a vacuum cleaner and the squirt of a spray bottle as students clean their own work spaces.  The sounds of a student disagreeing with his teacher with evidence to support his argument.  The discussion about weights and measures of a science experiment taking place in the kitchen.

These are the many sounds one can hear at Counterpane.  When was the last time you went to a school and heard such a plethora of sounds?  There are things happening at this place that very few people experience.  One visitor summed her visit by saying:

Quite honestly, a surge of creativity and wonder washed over me during my visit to Counterpane.

People never leave a school using such strong words as those above.  This shows that great things are happening here everyday.

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