Love of Books

November 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

Understanding literature is one crucial piece to having a very wholesome life.  If we cannot understand the different methods used in writing, our minds are at the mercy of the author who will convince us of anything he or she wishes.  It is crucial to not only know how to read but understand what the author is saying and how the reader can see the merits of his or her argument.  In order to learn how to do this we must first find writing that is appealing to us.  Without interest in reading, we will garner little information from the books we read, let alone think critically about what the author’s argument may be.

We have all read material which we did not enjoy.  That’s what most schools do; allow every child to read all of the classics and convince them that it will be beneficial to understand these great works of literature.  Unfortunately, if we have to convince a child that their work is important, we have already failed to inspire him or her.  If the child is inherently interested in the work of literature, they will see it’s value and wish to read for self-fulfillment.

The students at Counterpane find a love of books and reading at a very early age.  Primary students (ages 3 through 6) routinely gather around one another to read.  They may not be able to read all of the words but this does not matter.  They find intense joy in reading.  This love of reading helps tremendously when they become older and choose to read the classics of literature on their own.  Many students are so familiar with reading and with books that when reading becomes even more necessary for academic success, there is no problem or any hatred of reading at all.  Introducing reading and writing as play instead of work helps to create a feeling that reading is fun and inherently beneficial.

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  • Very insightful post; I could not have expressed this perspective any better myself! The most opportune time to get children to read is early on, when their minds are wide open and looking for information to absorb. Reading opens up new worlds and sparks the imagination in ways that are extremely beneficial.

    Thanks for sharing.


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