Choices, Open Doors, Real Experiences!

April 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

The wonders of the Classroom Where I Work

Montessori children choose their work from a myriad of beautiful materials available on the shelves according to what lessons they have been given. Naturally, as they grow, they crave new ideas and activities and lessons are given accordingly. Today’s lesson was on choices of work available to them outside of assignments.

We brought four books from the shelves: one on science, one on math, one on history, and one fiction book. We started by opening the science book, looking at various pages of the wonders of our world. We talked about drawing pictures, making matching cards with definitions, making models, doing experiments. We continued with this discussion using each of the four books. As I was giving the lesson, I was looking for that spark in their eyes, showing that the fire had been lit. I was unsure as to how it was going. We ended the lesson and I watched.

At first, I observed two children who decided to make models of a helmet and shield they found in a book. I saw little else.” Well,” I thought, “it was worth it even if I only reached two.” About an hour later I took a walk around the room. Two children were researching gladiators; four were making a board game about facts of animal traits, four others were creating a game based on a novel they had all read.  If that wasn’t enough, I found two more students writing a play to put on later in the quarter. Several of the students asked if they could stay in from recess to continue with their work.

Such are the thrills of a Montessori teacher. I live for these days.

Katy Farr, Lower School

An Open Door! A Counterpane moment!

And then, getting the eggs is such fun!

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