Real Questions, Real Resources, Real Time

April 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

It is the learner, not the teacher, that makes the difference. The best learning, perhaps the only learning for the child, begins the moment he or she asks a question or demonstrates an interest. Real questions, real interest, real resources in real time make learning real as well.

This quarter a few students in Lower School harvested and brewed mint picked from their herb garden. They wanted to offer classmates a sample. One of the students researched rosemary as an herb for brewing tea. He brought honey to sweeten the tea, picked the herbs, and prepared the tea. He gave lessons to classmates and created a recipe for the classroom food preparation shelf.

“It was great fun teaching other students!”

In another opportunity, a child saw a classmate working with clay earlier this year. She requested a lesson. In this photo she was beginning her independent project by crushing raw clay which will then be sifted to remove debris..then crushed even finer and sifted further. This is a very time consuming and tedious process and requires a student demonstrate genuine interest (but others are observing and in a few weeks, a request to work clay will present itself).

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