Children Fun Balloons Games

May 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

What a day! This was the first time in Clown Caper’s decades-long history to be “rained in.” As it turned out, we wouldn’t have had to move inside. However, we were not going to take a chance at disappointing children if the rain did persist. Parents jumped in and were both efficient and creative as they set up all the games within the Nabi and the Upper School. Then the sun came out…which made the ever popular pony rides possible. The food court was a bustling and sunny spot as the day progressed. Even our sheep, Buttons, was sheared according to schedule. All in all, it was a delightful day with beads, balloons, games, costumes, and, new this year, a bit of line dancing by older students and parents. Quite fun!

Many Upper School students volunteered to man booths and offered their help in numerous ways. Their contribution of time and energy is very appreciated. Parents were giving of themselves far beyond what one would expect. We are so grateful to Bev and all those who supported her needs to make Clown Caper everything it should be for our kids. Another Clown Caper, another memory for Counterpane students. These memories do last a lifetime. Just visit Facebook to read a few comments from alumni. One parent from years ago was in town for a few hours, saw the balloons on the road, and came in to say hello to teachers who had taught his children. What an embellishment to the day!

An additional highlight is the shearing of the sheep at this event. The Hammond family returns each year to shear Buttons, bringing their horses (and their extraordinary children) to Clown Caper. Leading the horse is Helen Hammond, a graduate of Counterpane who is completing medical school this year. Unlike previous years, the sheep was sheared by the children, under the ever watchful eye of Ann Hammond…each learning how to use the shears in the old fashioned way. Buttons was so happy to be made ready for the summer.

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