Turtles ● Seeds ● Hands Learning

May 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

Following the moment leads to so much learning. Having no plan is sometimes the best plan. After all, learning is available everywhere. The turtle was rescued, found with a broken shell, adopted by the ever-caring hands of a young child. It has been shared, housed, fed, and clearly loved. Turtle research followed, along with a Spanish lesson focusing on a turtle. Whatever scheduled lesson comes with you in the morning, it is best to slide it in the back pocket when learning shows up in the faces of your children. Leaning is natural, school is not. We must be intuitive enough to know the difference.

“When we saw the onions that were going to get planted it was surprising. They didn’t look like they were going to grow. After a whole week they started to sprout. ONIONS ASSEMBLE!!” exclaimed the group.

Comments from the students: “When we picked the onions they were long.” and, ” I hope it is sold at the garden party.”  One said, “When we picked the onions it was exciting because we waited for a long time for them to grow.” Time in the real world is an important lesson.

Every day is a growing day in so many unexpected ways!

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