“Remember Those Pink Blocks?”

May 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

“Remember the pink blocks? I used to love playing with them,” said a former Counterpane student as he walked through the hall on a visit. Keep in mind this memory comes from the primary classroom for children 2.5 to 6 years of age. This young adult enthusiastically accepts an invitation to visit his old classroom and work , once again, with the Pink Tower. The Pink Tower is indeed made up of “pink blocks,” but little do the students working with the beautiful material know that they are exploring the metric system. The base is a cubic decimeter, reaching to the sky one cube at a time to finally be crowned by the cubic centimeter. Little did they know, but their bodies – their hands and muscular memory remember. Montessori is SO rich in its purpose, and so simple in its method. Thank you, Cooper, for the priceless visit and the confirmation of the value of this work.

As I leave my photo opportunity with the Primary (2.5-6 years), I am called back by an excited little voice exclaiming, “look at what I did at home last night.” No, we do not assign homework, therefore the glee you hear in both our voices. Same child, one in class and one showing off his personal “homework.” Are there  mistakes? I am certain there are. Does it matter? Not at this age! It is the joy that ensures continued effort that will lead to right answers in the future.

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