Music – Clay – Paper

May 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

WOW! What can learning look like? At this moment I am sitting in the lobby listening to Lower School students playing instruments outside while they cure their pottery by the fire…slowly monitoring their creations as they inch them closer and closer to the heat. As they wait, they are creating music by the creek. Oh, can I please go to school here!? What permissions given and what trust experienced. The magic at Counterpane is confirming every day that a child is inherently driven to do and learn.

Knowing the value of learning, as a tool for building a life that reflects one’s unique passions and gifts, not some marketed image or ill-suited profession…this is what we want for each student. The image below is the fruit of this approach: Dr. Helen is a Counterpane alumna who has completed two Bachelor’s Degrees, one Master’s Degree, and has just graduated from Medical School. She has followed her passion for family medicine. We celebrate this beautiful person and all she will do for others, all because she knew herself so very well. A collection of papers that paints a life on a personal journey.

Sharing another photo! A more recent Counterpane alumna completes her Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual and Media Arts from Emerson College in Boston. We celebrate her excellent college experience and rejoice with her in its completion. Her plans are to work for a while in her field and then go back to school to get her Master’s Degree. This young woman’s talent was so obvious when she was at Counterpane. Each student has a gift…finding, supporting, building on that gift is key to our mission.

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