Congratulations, Brittney!

June 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

The delivery is complete! A graduating class celebrates the giant step between High School and College. This year Counterpane stepped  spritely across the threshold into the third decade matriculating students into college.  So far, so wonderful! Every graduate has been accepted to a four-year college since our first graduating class of 1991. The details are inspiring. The students are amazing young people who know themselves well when they leave our halls, eagerly looking forward to grander halls in their colleges or universities.

We work hard to make each student academically sound and personally confident. The inspiring reality is that the process ensures learning for everyone…teachers, families, and students. It is a journey that begins with the child and ends with the child. The degree to which we stray from the way of the child is the degree to which we must constantly alter our course.

To know a student as we know our students at Counterpane means we can better assist that individual as the threads of his or her unique interests present themselves. This is a daunting task. I applaud our teachers and our families who come to the realization that it is the child that is defining the journey, and it is a challenging moment when the design of school must be adjusted successfully to match the gifts of the student. It is exhausting, it is fearful, it is right…and it is what we are made of in this school.

What does success look like for a school? The measure would be the child. Where are they in their world once they leave us? Are they doing what they love to do? Did we read and respond to them well enough when they were in our charge? I think there is ample data to suggest that we have, indeed, created a child-centered environment that assists and supports young people in their personal learning journey.

I look at the images on the wall in our hall and see Counterpane kids that went to their college of choice and, once completed, continued on to graduate study. Continuing into graduate study is actually the norm for our alumni. To me that is a dramatic measure of success. Life is about learning, whether in an institution, from a book, an on-line course, or observation. A creative base that allows one to move from one profession to another as if it were the next opportunity in one’s life is the greatest skill to ensure for a student. Each student is totally unique, with a gift of his or her very own. If we don’t look and listen and follow, we will lose the gift, the child, and the tomorrow they could give to the world.

School is like a delivery room! It can be messy! But the baby is healthy and the world is better off for our single gift of 2012 and all the gifts since 1991! Thank you to Brittney and all of our alumni over the years for what you have given Counterpane. We are what we are because of what you have taught us.

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  • Mo Weinhardt says:

    Congratulations all around! Counterpane sounds like an incredible student-focused school that meets kids where they are & nurtures their strengths (to put it in a nutshell). We desperately need more schools to follow this model of education. Thanks for all that you do.

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