We Are All Waiting For YOU!

July 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

“Are we there yet?”  I bet every child is just vibrating with, “When does school start?” School is busily weighing in for the new year. Teachers magically show up and impromptu conversations birth. Plans take form and environments are tweeked. It is a great time of year, only surpassed when the children come back. Children are the heart and soul of Counterpane.

I will always remember a letter I received from a parent who had to take their child out of Counterpane during the lower school years. It had one unforgettable line in it: “My child has never been treated as if he was somebody very special since he left Counterpane.” Such a comment fills me with joy and makes me sad all at the same time. How can children grow well if each does not know how special he/she is as an individual – how utterly unique in every way!

Understanding each child as being gifted in some important and contributing way is critical to our purpose. This is not an easy mission to accomplish. Counterpane has met this challenge most successfully when we have the combined effort of teachers, parents, and the child. When we work together, we become the village and miracles happen. Indeed, Counterpane is Camelot, as real as the three feet between us and the child in front of us at any moment. If we pay attention to our children and follow their clues, we find surprises. They show us their uniqueness, often exposing gifts we never considered.

So let us open our eyes, ears, and minds to another year discovering the child. See you soon! Share our environment. We are a rather well kept secret hiding in the woods with our chickens, guineas, donkey, goat , sheep, and beautiful gardens. (I am so  glad I go to school here.)

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