The Life Of This Place!

July 28, 2012 § Leave a comment


A WALKABOUT painted with words from the art teacher – the life of this place.

The MoveableFeast is tonight! We picked tomatoes at 6:30 am, then back to school where we unloaded them into the classroom.  They are now spread on the floor to ripen. Splits skins and very ripe tomatoes are given to Lower School students who are now coring, slicing, and prepping for sandwiches or soup. In the classroom another teacher is supervising the tea and sandwich assembly line. The smell of baking fills the place as Upper School students have been cooking all morning. Others in Upper School are seated quietly working on math or other assignments.

One of the teachers took two Early Act members to the local Samaritan Closet. The folks were over-joyed to see such bounty and said Friday is the perfect day as all come to get food for the weekend. The “Closet” was packed with people needing food. One comment overheard from a mother to her daughter, “We can make so much tonight with these.” That Lower School teacher is now considering how the Early Act kids can go weekly to the Samaritan Closet like the Interact Club goes to IRC (International Rescue Committee).

I will add my own delight for the day, “Ms. Brenda, are you excited about tonight? I am afraid people are not going to like my cupcakes. I hope they like my cupcakes. My cupcakes are just awesome!” And I smile. No answer was really needed …listening to the happiness was all that was wanted.  There is so much between the lines of a child’s voice.

In reflection, the art teacher commented, “It makes me cry to see how much the heart of community inside our walls spills over to the local community and the world. A very blessed day!”




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