What Does Patina Look Like?

July 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

Today a friend, whom I haven’t seen since his son graduated from Counterpane in 1994, walked through the front door of the school and looked questioningly in my eyes, “Will you remember me?”  After flashes of disbelief that it was really him, there were hugs and smiles and stories shared. What a treat to see parents of old come back to see us. So many memories, each a shared experience raising our children at Counterpane. The luster of life that comes through tears of joy or the cocked head that accompanies a remembered detail.

We as parents are not much different than the image of the art sink. We wear the marks of our children as they paint their lives in ours. Such richness cannot happen without real life, real learning, real time – the real music of life. The patina of human experience looks just like this sink and that wonderful, time worn parent coming back to touch a spot in his life we shared – his children at Counterpane.


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