Out of the Mouths of Children

September 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Do something, says a fifteen year old!

“We are all like money.  Money is like possibility, just sitting there in your wallet, money doesn’t “go bad,” if it did I think we would be more thoughtful.  That ten could be a meal, 40 gum balls from the machine, just enough gas to get you home etc. The larger the printed number on that little green slip, is more possibility.  Looking at people, 20’s 40’s 50’s and so on, we have potential, lots of it; until we deposit ourselves we are just pieces of paper like everyone else. It would be a shame if there was a million dollar check just clipped to the fridge; empty potential.  So get out there and circulate!”

Now for a smile:

A conversation between a mom and her four year old as they were looking under the sofa for a lost puzzle piece:

Child: “I see a cough ball.”

Mom: “What do you see?”

Child: ” A cough ball.”

Mom: [Thinking she means a cough drop.] “Really? Under the sofa?”

Child: “Yes, back there.”

Mom looks again and sees a golf ball.

Child: “Yes, a cough ball. Like for coughing. Grandpa plays cough. He practices his coughing!”





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