Playing to Learn!

January 17, 2013 § Leave a comment


Counterpane’s early literacy workshops are underway.

We have a wonderful group of young families and children for our “inaugural” group. Twelve families make up a class. At the moment we have ten, so if you have a friend, now is the time to invite their participation. The target age for the children is 0-36 months. The program is free but it does require the purchase of learning materials the parents take home for their children.

What the hand experiences, the mind remembers. These children had fun making Souns soup, a bit more helpful than alphabet soup for the developing brain trying to learn to read. The families arrived at 9:30 and the first half hour was instructional, then the scheduled activities evolved into child centered and directed activities. Parents visited, making new friends for themselves and their children. It was a successful first event, ending about 11. Each family went home with the initial Souns materials and a delightful book Born to Move by Dianne Warren and published by Oasis. For additional ideas from Dianne Warren, visit Born to Move is so unique! While one side is written in English, the reverse side is written in Spanish. We will gift another of her books at the next meeting.

The instructional component of the next meeting will include a section of a video and a discussion on how the home environment can be responsive to the needs of the young child. We will keep it short and helpful, protecting time to hear parents share their thoughts on the Souns guide booklet, offering questions and experiences from their first two weeks with the program.

Our community matters, and this is a wonderful way to engage and enrich. If you are interested in helping, participating, or beginning your own community outreach for literacy, please email Our next workshop is Friday, January 25th at 9:30 A.M.

Every child wants to read!


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